Wax by the yard



Réouverture de la boutique en avril, avec le lancement de notre collection 2019.

Re-opening the shop in April, with the launch of our 2019 collection.

You don’t need to buy 6 or 12 yards of fabric anymore!

Wax’Up is now selling wax by the YARD!

Buy the fabric you like starting with one yard!

waxupafrica.com is a Swiss brand whose main goal is the promotion of conscious wax print fabric made in Africa. As you may already know, the African wax print market has been suffering from poor quality textile imports for a number of years now. These cheap fabrics keep tarnishing the image of noble and high-quality African wax.

waxupafrica.com has made it its mission to bring to light local wax prints made in African factories, employing local workforce. We find it is important to support the local population as well as the high-quality textile industry.

We only sell wax prints made in AFRICA!

A 100% cotton high-quality wax that does not bleed out and is machine washable at 30°!

“Our values, our guarantees!”

We strongly support the purchase of high-quality fabrics! Now is the time for conscious consumerism, each and every yard bought makes a difference and this is a cause we at waxupafrica.com truly believe in!

Ideas of uses of a wax print fabric:

  • clothing
  • accessories
  • customization
  • curtains
  • blanket
  • beach towel
  • bedspread
  • table cloth